Tarangire Park


Some Maasai boys undergoing a traditional ritual…


Trifecta! Monkeys, Egyptian Geese and a monitor lizard.


The monkeys hang around the park entrance waiting for food handouts.  (Make sure you close all the windows on your vehicle!)



A young male lion – almost full size – the mane is just starting to grow, and you can still see the spots that younger lion cubs have.

A young elephant. Obviously, he has a ways to grow still.




This is a rarity – a giraffe sitting down. They don’t do this unless they feel particularly comfortable and safe from attacks.




This little fellow was just outside our tent in the morning – a dik-dik, a tiny antelope not much bigger than a rabbit.

Tarangire Park Lodge

A marvelous lodge in the middle of a wilderness park – overlooking a river valley where elephants typically pass by; patrons must be escorted to their tents after dark because there is no fence around the lodge, wildlife can wander through occasionally. (Although all we saw was a salamander, an owl, and a dik-dik – a tiny antelope.)

Our tent

Very comfortable!

The pool – we didn’t get a chance to try it…

Dining room -excellent buffet meals.

The view from our tent – see the elephants in the distance…

The modern age meets “roughing it”. there is no electricity in the tents, so you must charge anything you need at the bar. A sign of the times that the devices were overwhelmingly cellphones and computers, not camera batteries.

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