Our trip was organized and guided through:
Access Tibet Tour & Service Co., Ltd
URL: www.accesstibettour.com
A big “Thank You” to Violet, who put up with our many back-and-forth emails to plan the short trip, and made sure all the paperwork and permits were obtained and arrived to us in time.
Also a big “Thank You” to Nema, our marvellous guide for the time we were in Lhasa. He was very knowledgable about the historic buildings and the religious context.

Kellie and Maurice with our great guide, Nema.

At the time we went, foreigners needed to obtain a travel permit and be accompanied by a guide. This was arranged by Access Tibet Tour Service, and they also made sure that they applied for the travel permit (which could only happen 10 days before arrival) and sent the permits to our preceding stop, our hotel in Xi’an.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, and the Winter Palace of the Dalai Lama since about 600AD.

Potala seen from the roof of the Jokhang Monastery

Potala – The front view

Potala Side View – near the tour entrance

Another Potala view

Another Potala view

Potala – looking up from the stairs

Maurice in front of the Potala Palace

Kellie in front of the Potala Palace

Closeup of the red-coloured stick construction.

Potala – view from the stairway

It’s the easy way up for one of these two…

Potala – inside the front courtyard

Potala – in the main courtyard

One last view as we are leaving

Potala Floor Plan
Potala floor plan
1. Outer stepped ramps
2. Storage building for giant thangkas
3. Main public entrance
4. Southern bastion
5. White Palace outer courtyard
6. White Palace Assembly Hall
7. Red Palace Main Assembly Hall
8. Funeral chapel of the 5th Dalai Lama
9. Funeral chapel of the 13th Dalai Lama
10. Cave of Songsen Gampo
11. Quarters of the Namgyal Monastery monks
12.Red Palace outer courtyard
13. Red Palace Entrance

The complete Gallery –

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