Certainly, February seems to be the best time to go to India. It was a nice balmy 20C to 25C while back home in Canada it was the opposite. A few days before we left home, it was -38C; it was a good time to leave Canada too.  We were out for the sunrise in shirtsleeves while the locals and the less hardy tourists were wearing puffy jackets. We were watching the weather news for India after we got home, a few months later temperatures were climbing into the 30’s in India.  That’s getting hot.



It wouldn’t be India without this picture. I passed on the opportunity to handle the snake.



And I must give a shout-out and a very big “Thank You” to Yatrik tours ( ) who organized our India trip and provided guides, drivers, train tickets, hotel bookings and looked after all the details – and in the end, provided for us an incredibly enjoyable trip free of any of the worries of having to find those services ourselves. Thank you very much to Yasir and Sujit for the arrangements, and to all the people with Yatrik Tours who made our entire trip enjoyable and trouble-free. They even went as far as taking us to our (reserved) seats on our train trips – and also someone met us at our destination, coming right onto the train to escort us to the shuttle vehicle to our hotel. The entire trip went smoothly.

(Except the second time we arrived at Delhi, we should have waited instead of getting off. We got off one end of the carriage while our guide was getting on the other end. He had a moment of panic before he found us, worrying we’d gotten off at a suburban station by mistake…)

IMG_6043Here I am with our driver from Yatrik Tours. Virender Dahiya was our driver from the first evening in Delhi, through Agra, Jaipur and Pushkar, until we caught the train back to Delhi in Amjer. He was an excellent driver, kept us safe and had great patience with the amusing but often crowded traffic of the cities and countryside.

Thank you, Virender!

We got connected to Yatrik tours because Sunehat, a coworker of Kellie’s had a brother, Rohit, in Delhi who handled accounting for Yatrik. When we were in Delhi, this fellow took us out to an authentic India restaurant – very popular! – in the heart of Delhi in Connaught Place.

Excellent food!!! Thank you Rohit!

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