Step Well of Chand Baori

A handy feature of modern digital cameras – you can take pictures of signs like this; they turn out legibly and help you document what sights you see.


Built between 800 and 900AD to provide water no matter what the local water level –  a long way down in the dry season. This well was a ways off the main highway in a small village.  This is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.




Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of him… but there was this young boy – could not have been more than 6 or 7 years old, waiting outside the Step Well when we came out. The driver said this boy wanted to show us some magic tricks, so we watched.  He did a number of coin and shell tricks; I’ve read a bit on magic tricks and I was watching to see if I could spot his moves – but he was amazingly good and fluid.  Even knowing what he was probably doing, I could not spot any sign of him palming or hiding some very large coins during his tricks. He was also very good with his patter, even if we had no clue what he was saying. Basically, he was a damned good magician! And for a child of about 7, even better!

So we gave him 100 Rupees when he “passed the hat” at the end of his show. I hope that was a decent amount.

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