A Balloon trip over the West Bank at Luxor, early in the morning…

Looking back at the launch site

(UPDATE 2013 The yellow balloon belongs to Sky Cruise. In early 2013 Sky Cruise had a spectacular accident and over 20 people died when one of their balloons caught fire. However, my impression during our flight in 2012 that everything was professional, the pilot was incredibly skilled, and the equipment looked to be in good repair. Sadly, accidents happen.)

Filling the balloon…

At the edge of the desert.

Queen Hapshepsut's Temple

Queen Hapshepsut’s Temple. (The Valley of the Kings is just over the ridge).

West Bank panorama – the workers’ village on the left, tombs of the nobles in the lower center, and Hapshetsup’s temple on the right. In the middle of the picture, follow the path to he top of the pyramidal mountain overlooking the west bank and the Valley of the Kings (hidden over the ridge).

The Ramsesseum from the air.

A small village from the air

An interesting dig – not sure what it is.

Ramses III Temple with the Syrian style of gate.

An overhead view of Valley of the Queens

Coming down in the fields.

Almost on the ground…

Ground crew collecting the balloon after landing.

The Collossi of Memnon near our landing site.


There’s our guide Mohammed explaining the Collosi of Memnon – we met up with him here near our landing site.


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