The Church of the Nativity is built around the spot where Jesus was born – supposedly.

The actual location (marked by the silver star)is in the cellar below the level of the church.
P1050700 The nativity crypt is tiny and can get very crowded at times – actually, at all times.

IMG_5356 The line-up to enter the nativity crypt starts early and gets long. Our guide told us these people could wait up to 3 hours this day. Fortunately, if you have hired a Palestinian guide, they have the privilege that they can get you in the back way so we did not wait.

IMG_5327 The famous low exit door to the church.

IMG_5321 The West Bank territories in Palestine have a somewhat ambiguous legal status, so there are merchants willing to jump in and take the place of Western companies, with or without permission.

The Wall
The Israelis have build a large concrete wall between Israel and Palestine, to prevent terrorist infiltration. The Palestinians have grafitti’ed their side.



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