Luxor and the West Bank

The biggest attraction in the Luxor area is of course the Valley of the Kings.

We stayed at the Hotel Steigenberger Nile Palace.
What can we say? We stayed at 5-star hotels, and under European management; so the standards were high and the local staff did an excellent job of meeting those standards. We were impressed. Our only disappointment was that with 2 mornings trying to fy a balloon, and one early departure for Abydos, we only got one morning where we could actually enjoy the breakfast buffet.
(The day we took the trip for Abydos – we were leaving just as the buffet was opening, so the staff let us go in and take some yogurt for the road, in addition to our breakfast boxes.)

Hotel Steigenberger – View from the pool

View from the top floor, over the pool to the Nile.

A felucca boat moored beside the hotel.

One of the Nile cruise ships goes by our hotel.

The housekeeping was being creative


Our guide Mohammed recommended the Ritze Restaurant, for some interesting local food. Considering a full meal for two of us cost about 150LE or about $24, this was very good food at a very good price!

The restaurant is about 3 blocks (south west) down the main street from the Hotel Steigenberger; about 50 feet down a side lane toward the river. However, that menu sign is right near the corner.

Look down the side lane from the main road for this sign…

Inside the Ritze Restaurant, having a good time.

Menu for the Ritze Restaurant. Hey, don’t expect these prices to stay the same for long, food is getting expensive in Egypt. But… 50LE for Tagen Beef Stew (about $8) and it was so much I was stuffed. We liked this place!

Mmmm… Garlic toast.

Beef tagen with rice. This was a LOT of food.

Kellie had the stuffed chicken, the “Chicken Savyardo”. However, it was tasty but does not look so good in a photo when covered with gravy.


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