Mount Sinai was amazing… but what on this whole trip wasn’t? Far from any light pollution, in clean and cool night air, the Milky Way was amzingly bright. It was so bright that the mountain was silhouetted against the stars. All you could see besides the outline of the mountain was a collection of wavering lights where people with flashlights were working their way up the trail.

    Every so often we had to move aside to let some camels go by; the flashlights were doubly useful to see the trail and avoid the camel droppings. We modified the song from “Alice the Camel had… one hump” to “Alice the Camel had … one dump..”

    If we had known you could buy water, at a reasonable price (I think each drink was about 10 or 15LE) at rest stops all the way up the mountain (and down) we would not have carried several litres of water all the way. Bad enough we carried cold-weather gear, coats and earmuffs and hats, which we needed at the top! Plus camera gear…

    First glimps of the sunrise on Mount Sinai. This is what the whole climb was for…

    The sun is further up.

    The audience

    It was cold up there!!

    The start of the way down – the top few hundred feet are irregular steps made of stacked stone slabs.

    A taxi stand for camels on the way down…


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