AGRA – Taj Mahal at Sunrise

The first view… After entering the west gate, then going through the outer courtyard, we enter the main grounds through this gate.

You can enter the grounds just at sunrise to watch the rising sun change the colour of the light on the marble. (Arrived before 7AM opening in mid-February, west gate…)


Everyone gets their photo taken here…

IMG_5492The beautiful symmetry of building extends to the gardens and reflecting pool.



On the raised platform of the Taj Mahal, everyone must wear foot coverings for cleanliness and to preserve the marble.

This is India. Monkeys are everywhere. they are like squirrels, but bigger and more dangerous. (We were warned to be careful, don’t let them snatch things like cameras).


Example of the inlay work, assorted coloured stones in the marble.

 *  *  *  *  *

We visited a marble inlay workshop where they make tabletops, plates and other souvenir items for tourists, same technique as the original Taj Mahal decoration.  Here the craftsman cuts grinds the coloured stone pieces to shape, and then fits the coloured pieces to the pattern overlaid on the base. Once all the pieces are ready and fit to the pattern, the marble is carved so the pieces can be inlaid flush with glue.  The result is then polished.


Grinding Color Pieces (Note the dish of coloured stone slices) A bow with a rope is used to turn the grinding wheel… hand controlled, not electric.



Fitting shaped pieces to paper pattern over base.




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