Hong Kong

We started our trip in Hong Kong – it was over 30ºC and extremely humid.



Trip to the Big Buddha

One of the interesting tourist attractions in Hong Kong is the Big Buddha statue, in an isolated area of the Hong Kong near the airport. You get there by cable car over the hills. IMG_2932

Before heading over the hills, the cable car first heads out over one of the bays. IMG_2948 - Copy

There is a large collection of buildings leading up to the stairway to Buddha. Stores, restaurants, shrines – and also plenty of other statues. IMG_2977IMG_2970IMG_2976IMG_2992IMG_2986

The view from Victoria peak, overlooking downtown Hong Kong, is spectacular day or night.

IMG_3090IMG_3070 - CopyIMG_3064


The harbour is on the other side of Victoria Peak. A trip around the harbour is interesting. Some people live on their boats, since real estate is expensive.

Every night there is a spectacular light show in the central harbour.

Hong Kong has some tall buildings and spectacular architecture

But of course, the best part of Hong Kong is the organized chaos, the lively marketplace life of the whole city.

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