Kotel Tunnels

The Kotel tunnels are a series of open spaces under the old city where the  street surface was raised long ago by covering the gulley alongside the temple wall with arches. In the good old days, before large dump trucks, it was cheaper and faster to build arches to cover the ravine than to haul enough fill to level the ground. The resulting underground cavities were forgotten for centuries. It is possible today to take a tour of this subterranean history and see the lower part of the temple wall (continuation of the Wailing Wall or Western Wall).


IMG_5044 The stones with the indented borders are typical of the construction by Herod The Great to rebuild the temple.

IMG_5046 This single stone is about the size of a city bus, estimated to be 65 tons. Archaeologists have no ides how it was moved here.

Wailing Wall and Temple Mount

Also location of the famous golden domed Al Aqsa Mosque, the third-holiest site of the Muslim religion.


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