This is the largest airliner in the world, the double-decker Airbus A380. Despite the number of passengers, this was the best flight we’d been on by far. Nothing beats Emirates, even in tourist class!


On our way to India, we stopped in Dubai for a taste of a very different place.

Dubai –

IMG_3564 The airport

Subway (Metro) station – note the glass doors to stop people jumping on the tracks, and mainly to hold in the air conditioning.

The Metro connects with the various buildings along the way via enclosed (and air conditioned!!) walkways. Plenty of walking involved…

The roads are almost as extreme than the architecture. This is the main highway, twelve lanes – 6 each way. There are plenty of clover-leafs and fly-over intersections. (That’s the elevated Metro running alongside on the right…)

Our hotel – Hilton Garden Inn near the Mall of the Emirates…

Familiar food. Except – no bacon, of course. Just “beef bacon”.

Even the food in supermarkets is familiar – and a little different.

And if you’re from Canada – look! It’s Timmies! (No, I didn’t try it there. I didn’t go all the way to Dubai to have Tim Horton’s…)

This fellow was showing off his hawk in downtown Dubai, in the old city. For a small fee, I could hold the hawk too.

…so I did.

The Dubai airport is home to one Emirates airlines and also one of the busy stopovers for many journeys between Europe and the East. Also hosts flights with Airbus A380’s from numerous airlines.

Flying over Greenland in February on the northern route home.

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