Ahmed Hamed Yousif

Ahmed Hamed Yousif

Ahmed Hamed Yousif

Ahmed was our tour organizer and our guide for our first trip, in April 2012. He did an excellent job, not only was he our guide in Cairo and Alexandria, and not only did he arrange all our travel details, he also kept track of all the details, and even while we were down south in Luxor and Aswan, or out in the Sinai, he was calling us daily to be sure everything was good. On top of all that, he’s a very likeable, friendly fellow with a great sense of humor.

We liked him so much – we used him to organize the Egypt leg of our 2013 trip. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants a first-class experience of Egypt’s amazing sites. Contact him at ahmedhayo@yahoo.com – he’s more than happy to correspond with you and help you arrange the personal tour that fits your needs.

If you’re like us, and don’t want to follow a herd of tourists in a big bus, don’t want to spend precious time waiting for everyone else to catch up and get back on the bus – then spend more of your trip following your own personal schedule, like we did. We told him what we wanted to, he made some suggestions, and after some emails back and forth we worked out an itinerary. He arranged our tour through one of Egypt’s best known and reliable tourist companies – someone was there to meet us each leg of the trip, transport to the hotels and out to the tourist sites in air conditioned comfort, first class hotels with breakfast included… We have never enjoyed a trip as much as our two trips to Egypt.

I’d like to share some of the photos we took of him – we took a few thousand photos this trip, so no surprise he ended up in a few of them! (He said “I know I’m keeping you happy when I hear the camera going click-click-click!”)

Ahmed - Tell it to the Sphinx

Ahmed has a good sense of humour; here he demonstrates a typical tourist photo pose.

More pictures of Ahmed:

The Sphinx

The Sphinx

Ahmed feeding the stray dogs at Sakarra

Ahmed feeding the stray dogs at Sakarra. Note the van behind him – we had a whole van for just us.

In Front of the Great Pyramid

In Front of the Great Pyramid

At the Memphis Museum

At the Memphis Museum

Ahmed, Mohammed, and Gamal

This is Ahmed, with Mohammed (c) and Gamal (r), our guide and driver respectively for the White Desert trip. Yes, that’s a pyramid just outside the gate of our hotel!

On a Fellucca ride on the Nile in downtown Cairo

On a Fellucca ride on the Nile in downtown Cairo

At the Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun

Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun – Of course, Ahmed’s smart enough not to climb a minaret tower in the 40C heat like the crazy Canadian tourists do. Here he’s waiting for us in the shade…


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