Chora Church

Chora Church – This was church and monastery dating back to the 5th Century AD; rebuilt over the next few centuries, then decorated with mosaics in the 1400′s. For a while it was converted to a mosque and the frescoes plastered over, but now they are uncovered again.

IMG_4808 (Copy)

IMG_4859 (Copy)

IMG_4872 (Copy)

IMG_4905 (Copy)

IMG_4897 (Copy)

IMG_4888 (Copy)

IMG_4878 (Copy)

IMG_4872 (Copy)

IMG_4863 (Copy)

IMG_4850 (Copy)

IMG_4829 (Copy)

IMG_4827 (Copy)

IMG_4824 (Copy)

IMG_4822 (Copy)

IMG_4817 (Copy)

IMG_4814 (Copy)


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