Our visit included a few days in Budapest.

We stayed in an Air-BNB apartment across the river and up the hill from the parliament building.

Inside the Hungarian Parliament building.

Inside the courtyard of our Air-BnB
The view from our Air-BnB flat’s balcony, down the road to Buda Castle.
Matthias Church, across the street from our BnB and overlooking the city.

The Children’s Railroad

This is a railway operated by children as part of a special school projects in the area – students take turns being crew (and supervised by adults, of course).

We took a cogwheel tram up the hill, then take the train on a winding path down the mountain.

Cogwheel tram up the steep hill.

View the autosave

The short red route lower right is the cogwheel tramway we took up the hill. The long winding red route from bottom to top is the railway down the mountain.
Inside the passenger car


Is an interesting mix of the old and the new… plenty of interesting sites…

A memorial along the banks of the Danube, of the Jews executed by the WWII fascist regime in Hungary – they were lined up on this bank of the river and then shot to fall into the river. An artist has created this memorial of bronze shoes to commemorate the tragedy and horror.
an example of one of the shoes.
Nagy Vásárcsarnok – The Central market Hall – Restored neogothic hall for traders with grocery produce on the ground & souvenirs on the 1st floor
Budapest has a variety of public transport; as well as the cogwheel tram mentioned above, it has the oldest subway on the continent, old funiculars to handle the various hills, and a modern (deep!) subway system.
The modern system is very deep in spots.
The oldest subway in continental Europe still running.
Budapest is also notable for its hot springs, which have been turned into hot swimming pools open until late into the night.
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