Burj Khalifa


The world’s tallest building…
First, this is not cheap. IIRC, it cost around $US200… but that gets you to the upper level as well as the basic . However, this is the tallest building in the world. Plus, the extra cost involved a visit to the upper observation level – the 148th floor. For sundown, so we got to see the city in daylight and the city at night. When we were done, we could go down to the 124th floor, the other observation deck. (If you want the cheaper tickets, they only take you to 124.)

We tried booking online, but doing that in a hotel room from an iPad was complicated and took some work. Once we were booked, the next day we went to find the ticket booth.

Second, it’s not easy to find the ticket sales. It’s in the same place you go to get into the Burj observation levels – in the very bottom level of the Dubai Mall – so don’t get turned around in the (confusing!) mall. Also, give yourself plenty of time to get there (or scout it out ahead of time…) Your tickets have a time of entry, don’t miss the window by too much.

Third, the view is absolutely amazing.

Let’s go to the top, please.

Spectacular views:




The view was hazy as the sun went down…

After sundown, the lights come on making it a completely different view:

And during the evening, the building lights up for a spectacular animated light show… complemented by a dancing fountain show also.


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