Ngorongoro Crater

We first passed by the crater (in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area) on our way from Tarangire National Park to the Serengeti National Park. The road passes by an overlook where you can see the vast extent of the crater.

This is what one of the herds look like from the rim of the crater.



The Shy Rhino…
Unfortunately, this was the best view we got of a rhinoceros. He (she?) was sitting down a half a mile away from us in the hazy morning sun, mooning us.


One view…



Another view… a bit fuzzy but you can make out the horns.


Ngorongoro Serena Lodge

After three nights in tents, we spent the night before visiting the crater at the Serena Ngorongoro Lodge on the rim of the crater, a top of the line hotel.


The lodge is exterior is stone to blend in with the wilderness around it on the crater edge.


iPhone panorama from our balcony, overlooking the crater.


Look! Running water, hot water, a hair dryer, a full shower…

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