Old Dehli – the old city.
We took a rickshaw cycle ride through the narrow alleys of the old city…





Jama Masjid – mosque from the Mughal days.


New Delhi and the old city

This is where Ghandi was cremated.

It was the destination for a number of school trips; the children all wearing identical uniforms right down to the same shoes. How do they keep it straight whose shoes are whose?

Our hotel: The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa.

We spent the last day just relaxing by the swimming pool in the hotel courtyard.

Akshardham Temple – a relatively new and amazing Hindu temple. Like the Sheik Zayed Mosque, an amazing example of what can be done with modern technology to match and exceed what could be done historically. Unfortunately for us, no cameras were allowed inside the grounds. All equipment was checked at the gate, and like many sites visitors had to go through metal detectors. However, the carvings are incredible and detailed – well worth the visit. Our guide was indispensable, as he explained a lot of the Hindu imagery that was involved in the carvings and how it related to the religion. (Much like the iconography in medieval Catholic cathedrals, the art is designed to illustrate the stories relating to the religion – sort of a reminder of the basic lessons of the religion) This added knowledge makes the visit that much more fascinating.

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