Dashir Lodge

Dashir Lodge and Safaris is run by Darryl and Shirley – As they describe it on their website:

We have fun saying, “We sold everything but our 3 kids and moved to Africa.” It has been an incredible adventure! We are thrilled to share the wonder and beauty that Tanzania has to offer: the wildlife, the people, the mountains, the beaches, and so much more.

When you visit Dashir, you become part of our family and our home. Our staff and community will touch your life with their extraordinary warm hospitality and delightful cheerfulness – we love to laugh! 🙂

Darryl & Shirley and our Dashir Family

We have nothing but good things to say about the lodge. Darryl and Shirley make you feel like you are visiting family, and the staff is so friendly they feel like family too. The accommodations are first rate, the food is even better, and the whole trip was the experience of a lifetime.

Darryl organized our entire trip, from the moment we got off the plane in Kilimanjaro International Airport, until the time we got back on the plane in Zanzibar. All we had to do is find flights over there and tell him when we were arriving and departing, and he arranged the rest. Someone picked us up at the airport (Thank you, Simon!); Darryl arranged our day trips, our Safari out to the national Parks, our accommodations, our flight to Zanzibar and hotel and transport out there too. Basically, all we had to do was sit back and enjoy the ride(s). Thank you Darryl.

And we can’t forget Shirley’s amazing cooking, her helpful guidance on where to go when we went on a souvenir shopping trip into town, and much else.


One night some of the Maasai staff dressed in their traditional dress to demonstrate a traditional Maasai dance, which involved jumping straight up. They had a great time putting on this dance for the guests.


Shirley with some of the staff in traditional costume after the dance.


The view from up the water tower. You can see two chalet accommodations and three tents.  Off in the background there is one of several new chalets under construction. The lodge will have several more accommodations built by fall.


The dining area.


The tent accommodations.  “Tent” is hardly the word to describe it – almost as luxurious as the chalets – certainly not camping.


Construction under way – this one of the new chalets, actually two of them with a common verandah area.  As is obvious, the construction is solid and substantial… bricks, concrete, and a locally popular steel roof to keep things dry in the rainy season.


Another view of the construction underway.



Typical safari vehicle. This is how we travelled when looking for wildlife in the parks – roof up, ready to jump up and look or take photographs.


On a clear day, you can see Kilimanjaro in the distance.


On a clear night, you can see for a million light years…


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